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Sarantel Small Quadrafilar Helix GPS antenna SMA

Sarantel Small Quadrafilar Helix GPS antenna  SMA

SMA Small size GPS antenna fir your projects.

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Product Description:

Built on patented PowerHelix® filtering antenna technology, the Sarantel GPS antenna provides high performance in difficult GPS applications using a quadrafilar helix design. The Sarantel antenna is ideal in applications where:

  • the device is handheld, body-worn, or otherwise surrounded by high-dielectric materials that would de-tune conventional antennas;
  • the antenna is tightly integrated with other antennas, e.g., Bluetooth®/GPS
  • receivers or GPS/GSM mobile phones;
  • there are tight constraints on the size of the device or the amount of space
  • allocated to ground planes;
  • the orientation of the device is random; or
  • the antenna will be embedded in the device

The Sarantel antenna is balanced, which isolates it from the device and enables the antenna to reject common mode noise resident on the device ground plane. The construction and materials of the antenna constrain its near-field to a very small volume, therefore materials near the antenna have negligible de-tuning effects and the antenna maintains its pattern and efficiency in the presence of dielectric loading. As a dielectrically-loaded antenna, the Sarantel acts as its own filter, attenuating signals from common GSM and ISM frequencies by as much as 30dB without external filtering. The SL1200 antenna builds on the industry-leading performance of the Sarantel (GeoHelix-SMP) external GPS antenna, reducing its size by 30%, making it even simpler to embed in a product. Please refer to the Embedding Information section for guidelines on correct on-frequency implementation.


Type:                             Quadrifilar Helix

Embedded Frequency:       1573.42 1575.42 1577.42 MHz

Polarization:                     Right-hand circular polarized

Gain:                              -2.8 dBic @ zenith

Efficiency:                       27% Total spherical

Efficiency:                       50% Upper hemishpere

Beamwidth:                      135 Degrees

Bandwidth:                       (3dB) 20 MHz

Axial Ratio:                       <1.5 @Zenith

VSWR:                             <2.0:1 2.3:1

Impedance:                      50

Operating Temperature:     -40 +20 +85 °C

Dimensions:                     32x12 mm

Weight:                           8 grams

Connector type:               SMA with cable


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