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3rd Axis Add-on system for Brushless Gimbal Controller SimpleBGC

1-Axis AlexMos system for upgrade 2-axis to 3-axis Brushless Gimbal Controller SimpleBGC

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AlexMos 1-Axis Simple Brushless Gimbal Controller for camera stabilization. Can work together with 2-Axis SimpleBGC controller.

This controller is designed on the principle invented by Alex Moskalenko. This special controller was designed to control one gimball motors. It receives information from gyroscopes and accelerometers mounted on the camera platform. This controller use standard IMU algorithm to define camera inclination angles. User set desired tilt angle with the remote control. PID-controller calculates the amount of compensation and send command to the power unit, which controls the current in the windings and thus the direction of the vector of magnetic field in the stator. Magnetic field moves the rotor to the right position.

Due to using IMU, mechanical part of the system is a very simple. There is no need in complex and expensive high-definition encoders for each axis. Just mount tiny IMU board on the camera platform, connect wires to controller and motors and all done!
This board set is fully assembled and ready to use. Board have latest firmware designed by Alex Moskalenko. You can upload new software any time by simple FTDI adapter. Latest firmware you can upload from this web page.

Controller features:

  • One-axis stabilized
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Thermal protection
  • Undervoltage protection
  • Wrong polarity protection
  • Can work together with 2-Axis AlexMos SimpleBGC board

Input votage                                8-18V
Max current for motor                    2.8A
Max pulse current for  motor           7.2A (protect on)
Motor control                               8kHz PWM
Sensors interface                          I2C
Featured sensors                          MPU6050
Firmware update PC interface          USB
Dimensions                                  57x22mm

Package include:

1x Controller board for one axis
1x MPU6050 Sensor board with installed I2C pull up resistors
1x Motors cable with crimped JST connectors
Package not iclude FTDI board for configuration. You can use board from 2-Axis SimpleBGC kit or buy this

This 1-axis set can work separate for one axis stabilization(because have IMU board) or together with 2-Axis SimpleBGC board.

Please add note to order details if you need board without soldered connectors.


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