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Black Vortex LC flight controller board for RC models

Black Vortex LC flight controller board for RC models

IMU board with Atmega2560 and GPS for RC models

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BLACK VORTEX LC flight controller board with HMC5883L, BMP085, MPU-6050, GPS Ublox NEO6Q Atmega2560. Designed for multi rotors platforms.

HMC5883L Triple Axis Magnetometer

BMP085 Barometric Pressure Sensor

MPU-6050 Triple-Axis Digital-Output Gyro and Acc

NEO-6Q Ublox GPS receiver

Atmega2560 16MHz 5V


3 pcs Status led A,B,C

2 pcs Tx Rx status LED for FTDI USB

2 pcs LED for 3.3V 5V power status


8 pcs 3 pin connectors for servo or motor ESC

2 pcs 3 pin connectors for Pan Tilt servo

8 pcs 3 pin connectors for 8Ch RC receiver

1 pcs for sonar (two type avail)

1 pcs for xbee or other wireless modules

1 pcs LIGHT switch up to 8A for LED or other lights

5 pcs ANALOG input for external components

2 pcs 5.0V 500mA for external components

1 pcs for GPS antenna

1 pcs I2C and UART interface for external board

1 pcs ISP connector for Atmega2560 programming

1 USB based on FTDI chip. Arduino software compatible


Onboard 500mA 5V voltage regulator for external components

Low noise LDO voltage regulator for all sensors and GPS

Dimensions 60x50mm

Hole 4 pcs 2.5mm hole (45x45mm mount distance same as flyduino)

Input voltage 6-15V


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