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Rabbit Flight Controller for Multicopter or Plane (EU stock)

Ready to Use board for your Multirotors RC systems

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This Flight controller adopts 32 Digits ARM CPU and latest sensor with Independent research and development software, ensuring stable,safe and reliable flight in a simple setting suface.The board contains high precision tri-axis gyroscope and tri-axis accelerometer with compact structure and size.With stable and balance function without any aditional board.Multi-function: can be connect with ultrasonic, barometer,tri-axis magnetic sensor,GPS etc.,thus to realize height lock,direction lock, and self- lift-and- down function.8 Channel remote input and 8 Channel motor/servo output.Support aerial photography and PTZ Self-Balance.The output mode can be setted by user.With USB interface, Upgrades PC and adjusts parameters without Expansion Board.With PC upgrade tools,it can improve program and upgrades online according to majority user's requirements.


  • 32 digits ARM CPU,50 MHZ frequency
  • With high precision tri-axis gyroscope and tri-axis accelerometer for self-stability and self-balance.
  • 8 CH receiving ports,can set auxiliary switch channels or PTZ control channel except 4 main joystick channels.
  • 8-CH 16 digits high precision PWM output channels,can set 50Hz~500Hz analog/didital servo or non- standard ESC singal.
  • Supports mix-control: GIMBAL,BI,TRI,QUADP,QUADX,Y4,Y6,HEX6,HEX6X ,OCTOX8,OCTOFLATP,OCTOFLATX,FLYING_WING,FIEXD WIND mode and so on. can be added other modes according to users requirement.
  • With USB interface and PC upgrade tools,convienent for users to set parameter,and download the newest program.
  • 8 LED singal to indicate various mode, convinient to set parameters anytime even for a tiny adjustment. Can connect color LED strip, makes magnificant and unique night flight.
  • Supports 4S battery Voltage test, ensure to test each battery.
  • Provide alarm port,facilitate users to set low voltage alarm, the alarm sound will be quicker and quicker with the voltage is lower and lower.
  • With ultrasonic port, makes precision height lock within 2 meters (the best effect with flat ground), switch to barometer height lock out of 2 meters.
  • With equipment self-detection function, make sure safty flight . with sound and light signal during the self-detection.
  • With high precision tri-axis magnetic sensor,barometer and GPS port etc.,facilitate users to add functions such as automatic lift and landing and return.(just buy additional board and upgrade the software online)
  • With Independent research and development software, can improve or add new functions as users requirement.



Alarm Voltage setting:  2.8 V~3.7V
Gyroscope:                  +-2000dps, 16 bit, response time:1000HZ
Accelerometer:            -8G,14 bit, response time:800Hz
Input Voltage:              4~6V
Board Size:                  5.5mmX5.5mm
Weight:                       20g
Working Temperature:  -40~+85℃ 


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